Being new in creating Augmented Reality artwork, this project presented challenge not only in paddling through the new terrains of Unity and Vuforia but also in telling a story through the AR grammar and vocabulary. Each object in our project reflects a glimpse of Eva’s story. At times it seemed that her story is fragmented to the point of not being able to identify her voice.  To create her story, we made a timeline of her life, lined up facts and fiction in a graph and made decisions on how stories might change to fit into this style of storytelling. At times restructuring the linear story into fragments of little stories seemed too scattered to paint a big picture, but at the same time creating enough markers and making objects interesting enough could engage the viewer into a larger story. At the same time, the idea of gap in Norman M. Klien’s Spaces Between: Traveling Through Bleeds, Apertures and Wormholes Inside the Database Novel introduced us to a new way of looking at our story or mini stories. The gap could work in our favor if only we could control where and how it should be placed. Here, having a large number of markers and the type of objects could play a big role in the success of the story.


Bedroom Installation

This project could be set as an installation of Eva’s bedroom, with all her clothes lined up in the closet, books stacked on the night table, and a floral curtain hung from the window. In this installation, every single object in this room projects a moment in her life, and tells a small story about her. Participants can dig into closet and find any item and view its corresponding story.

Unify the aesthetic

Another concern that was discussed in our project was the overall aesthetic. This being our first AR project with unity, most of attention was focused on making the project up and running in the first place. The next step in this project, of course is to come up with a unified and unique visual vocabulary for the entire project. Since we had quite a few photographs we came up with the idea of doing collage, layering drawings on colored paper, magazine cut outs, and photo cut outs to illustrate her life and create her story with a unified vocabulary.


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