I am quite pleased with the outcome of this project. I should say, however, that I am typing this on Tuesday evening and have not yet been into the lab for our final “lockdown” group session. At which time we are planning to combine all of our Unity projects in order to create the final app. Assuming that Wednesday goes well, I will be quite pleased with the outcome of this project. Within the past week I have on several occasions wished that I had a few more weeks to shoot video, compose music, record audio, and learn Unity. But like any creative project, it is never finished. We just run out of time. Or money.

I do wonder what it would have been like to work on a GPS project. I like the intimacy of a Unity-type project. It allows for careful observance and repeated viewing if one so desires. With my content, I worked under the assumption that the end-user would have the opportunity to experience all the picnic basket objects and have noticed a few

things that raised questions; repeated imagery, threads of similarity, questions that became apparent only after viewing a certain object. Water and fire are featured prominently in several vignettes. Water is a reference to closing line of the introductory vignette; “They say it’s in the water.” Fire represents the passion of the lovers (Eva and John), the Judeo-Christian baggage of hell because of their sinful infidelity, and finally because of its destructive potential. In Eva’s case, the destruction of herself as a friend, and a wife. Although, in my telling of Eva’s story, neither her husband, Bernie, or her best friend, Margaret, ever had any knowledge of the relationship between Eva and John (Margaret’s husband).


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