The Augmented Reality projects and the use of transmedia as a means of storytelling are still new to me, but one that promises great expressive potential. This technology allows personal experiences to the user of technology, and as in this project, it gives us the opportunity to mix different elements such as 3D design, video, sound design, storytelling, visual art references, Internet surfing and interactivity. I believe that the projections and expectations that I had for this form of storytelling were short and long, short because I wasn’t aware of the possibilities of it, because for me initially was only a 3D model that pops up using these devices, and now I see that the model can be a representation that works at many levels, and that can offer also different degrees of interactivity with the user and his/her device by inviting him/her to play with elements of the design, play video, or follow links to a different websites, send email, or maybe more. On the other hand, I hope that his technology can give the possibility to the user to interact with the contents in more immersive ways, with options such as collisions, or other sort of manipulations.

Personally, it was hard for me to follow a different process and to build a story without following the narrative conventions that I am used to, which are those that limit the story to a linear experience, without physical interaction with the viewer/reader, and offering the story already build. Building an AR experience was difficult in that sense, in parts like walking with the blindfold that the use of narrative conventions gives us, but at the end, I believe that I got something from this project. The artistic and expressive possibilities of AR, of offering the viewer an experience of being a storyteller, a finder of little pieces of stories. And as well the possibility of bringing different sets of skills and ways of expression to this game, in order to create a new experience. I am aware that the territory is still really virgin in this matter but it is exciting to have the possibility to explore it during this time. This is the part that stays with me.

One final thought thinking about the project Vessels of Memory, is that the final stage of this project after the elaboration of the different designs that build this AR experience could be the feedback that we can get from the user about what do they think the story is. Since one thing that AR projects allow us to build are gaps, this gives place for the user to be the one who find the story, to be the narrator using the elements already shown; from there it will be interesting to discover the many stories that are invented from interpreting the AR contents. Two of the ways to capture this feedback can be, either create a video-booth along with the installation that displays the objects, or to give them the opportunity to tell the story in a blog or website related to the project.


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