What is an object?

There is a space between the real world and what we are capable to perceive with our senses as real. This project is about entering this space, a gap to explore the possibility of having a secondary eyes and ears, to examine what might not be visible though naked eyes and could not be heard through unequipped [] ears, to imagine and to realize what a secondary set of eyes and ears could equip us to see ordinary objects in a different light. After all this is not such a human centered world. Objects have their own expressivity and life. It is only for us to see how they might see this non-human expressivity.

Our entry to this journey started with Colleen’s uncanny encounter with Eva’s belonging, left behind for the wasteland and yet full of imprints of life, hers, others. Could these objects which once were regarded with love, longings, dreams, and memories be wiped out of their previous existence? What is a family photograph if there is no memory to accompany it? What is a postcard bought at CNE in 1967 if there is no mental imagery to whisper meaning into it? This project is about creating a space, to allow objects to speak, to put forward their expressivity face, and to tell us a story, the story of a woman, who once lived among them, cared for them, kept them in the corner of her oak drawer, and neatly stacked them in a damp cardboard box under her bed,

Creating an AR application:

This project started with exploring the Unity game engine environment. The idea of creating an AR application seems exciting enough to get us started with the Unity environment instantly. As we learned the turns and twists in the Unity environment, our story developed, squeezed, and reshaped accordingly. Here is my take on take on how it shaped.


What is inside a postcard from the CNE? Who bought the card? Did she buy it herself? Did she receive it from a fiend? There is one thing for certain; a postcard from the CNE should come from the CNE.

To infuse the card with memories of CNE, the card is overplayed with a footage of CNE from the same period (1960s). The voice of it of course had to be something that sounded in ears, and tapped the feet in those days, a song by Monkees. The footages and the postcard are obtained from Canadian National Exhibition Archive


Saint Joan – a Bernard Shaw Production
What is in a theatre brochure, especially if it was stuffed under a spring mattress for decades? Where does it go back to, a day? Yes, that day, after the program, when the curtains were down one last time, and people lined up to squeeze out through the narrow exit doors, a gaze was met with another, two set of eye met to form something more than a casual glance. A ride with the 59 streetcar, then turning to the street and saying hi to Mrs. McKay who was walking her black labrador, a keepsake was necessary to keep the spark, the unfulfilled dream, the unrealized possibility, what about the what the theatre program brochure, yes, this paper back keepsake worth keeping for a lifetime.

Documentation card:
Documentation card presents the title, names, and also a trailer about the project. The Documentation card has an interactive feature. Pressing the spiral icon leaves the program and takes the viewer to the documentation website.


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