Eva’s notes

“There was a woman, a real estate agent up the street and she got to know Eva, and Eva was going up there, and she took Eva in and washed her clothes and gave her a bath. Then she came here that one morning with tears in her eyes and then i started getting back involved in her life. She wanted out and she reached out to her family and they came into the picture. They had just taken her up to a barbeque, but Eva didn’t want to come back. But Eva she was the kind of person she would look at you one day and she would say oh your garden looks so lovely and then an hour later you could walk by her and she would say ‘you’ve gained weight’ but that was Eva.”

“Yeah she really loved her garden. She grew lots of flowers, and then there was that one time when she was out here with the hose watering everybody’s gardens all down the street all the time. We finally had to tell her to stop. But I used to love it when she would play the piano she played so beautifully.”

Eva’s neighbor.

Eva’s Dairy

How to describe it, the way it is for me.

You know things sometimes come in pairs like salt and pepper shakers or shoes, gloves, faucets. I am one of pair like that, the only thing is the other guy is gone. All I have are memories. For awhile there when I was younger I got into to doing these paint by number paintings. Oh I didn’t think they were such great art or anything but I liked doing them you know like crosswords or something.

Anyway my Mister Pepper shaker, well, he went out and framed up some of my paintings real nice. I still have them on the wall in my bedroom to remind me of how proud he was of me when I did them. I liked the activity of doing them so much, just being in that space, me and the brush and the paint by number board. I saw all I had to do, it was laid out before me and as I went along I felt an immense satisfaction, a feeling that all was well with the world. So I got to thinking what if I took a class and really learned how to draw. I wondered if it would be the same or would it be harder maybe it would be too frustrating. Oh well I gave up my aspirations or maybe put them off is a better way of saying it. Then one thing led to the next and somehow the moment was gone it got swept away by time and tragedy.

When I look back I probably wouldn’t have done a damn thing different but you can’t help but feel a sense of what if this would’ve happened instead of that. Would I be in a different place now?

When an obstacle gets in your way you just have to go sideways for awhile and it puts you at a different angle from the centre, you have to realign your vision. The core must be where we are all connected somehow everything is connected at the core. Atoms.

I have this wonderful friend Marge, Margaret Much, such a fine name it is more like a question Margaret much? She lost it though when she became Mrs. Jemmett. They moved away to live in the UK she met him over there they were both in the service but came home to Toronto to get hitched. Every year for Christmas she sends me a tea towel. We were roomies when we first moved to the big city from the Port. We always used to fight over the tea towel and it became a joke between us because I would always use it to dry my hands and she didn’t like this it’s not hygienic she would say. Hygiene was important they certainly drilled that into our heads at Catholic school. So I have a collection of fabulous British tea towels such a treasure and I was using them until one time I scorched the bejesus out of one with the iron and so now I have taken them out of service. I went over there to Jolly old England to visit her a couple of times, first time it took forever because you had to take a boat, a ship, Liners they called them. Once the airplanes got going we could take them but they were pretty expensive at first.


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